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Short story excerpt!

I have something good for you today. Before I give you the scoop, I want to answer something I know will come up (because it already has). People are wanting to know when an excerpt from Last Sacrifice will be available. Like my FAQ says, excerpts for new books never go up any sooner than one month before release. So, the soonest you might see the first chapter would be around November 7--and that's if the publisher allows it, since they have the final say. Seeing as I'm still polishing that book up right now, it isn't available for posting anyway.

But here's what I can post! Next week, on August 24, Kisses from Hell will be released. KFH is an anthology of YA paranormal stories by different authors, and I have one in there called "Sunshine." It's set in the Vampire Academy world and is about how Lissa's parents met. You can read an excerpt of that right here.

On that same page, there's a link on where to pre-order/purchase the anthology. As usual, you can order it from University Bookstore, and I'll come in and autograph it for you. Make sure you follow their directions carefully and also note that you have to search for the anthology on their website by its title. If you try to find it under my name, it won't come up because there are other authors in it (Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel, Francesca Lia Block, and Kristin Cast). I'm planning a trip to University Bookstore later next week and should be able to sign any orders for it (or other books) then.

And of course, you can order KFH from any other bookseller (unsigned) as well, and most of the "big" sites should be able to locate it by my name or the title. If you go into your local bookstore and they don't carry it, ask them to order it for you.

I currently don't have any information about if this anthology is available outside the U.S. It might be, but I haven't heard from the publisher. Most of the online sources listed above should be able to ship it internationally, though.
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