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It's like a cereal surprise

Here's a couple of quick reminders and some answers to questions. Remember UK people: I'm a week away from visiting you! My calendar will tell you where I'm at and also answer some recent questions about signings and limits.

Also, the Valentine Contest is running through this weekend. Most answers to popular questions are in the contest post, so make sure you read it. FYI - people hosting pics on Facebook or MySpace might want to put them somewhere else, like an LJ account or (or any other photo site) because I've been getting error messages on those.

Okay, onto today's awesomeness. I got some international books in the mail recently, which is always a treat. Among them were the Korean editions of Vampire Academy and Frostbite. As you can see, FB had a title change.

But here's the most awesome thing ever. Those covers have cut-outs and when you fold them back, here's what you get:

Incredible, huh? I'm absolutely in love with that inner artwork of Lissa and Rose. The Dimitri one's pretty awesome too. Cool, cool stuff going on in Korea.

I also got 'real' copies of the Russian VA. I've posted the cover here before, but it's always been small. Here it is scanned in from real life. Also very pretty:

Keep on keepin' on, VA. Keep on.
Tags: book covers, foreign rights
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