Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Important update about the Miami signing...and my neighbors

Before you get excited, let me state right out that the two subjects in the title of this are unrelated. My KGB neighbors are not coming to my Miami signing this Sunday.

However, the Miami signing this Sunday is at 7pm, NOT 5pm. There was an error in the schedule, and I apologize profusely for any inconvience this causes. If you live in Miami and were planning on going, pass the news onto your friends! The full (and corrected) schedule with times and places is up on my calendar page.

Meanwhile, for fans of my neighbors, we have an interesting development. As reported last time, the KGB house has remained empty since the false alarm a month ago. But, last night, while coming home, lolcatz and I noticed something odd. Parked in front of the neighbors on *the other side of our house* was this black Lincoln Town Car. It was parked in the wrong direction for that side of the street, but doing so allowed it to face toward our house and the KGB house. And you know what? There was a guy in the car, just sitting there. What was he doing? Surveillance? We heard that this house is being rented out. Is it possible we have the KGB on one side and the CIA monitoring them on the other? Stay tuned.
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