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Richelle Mead

Tour Day 8: No blues here, just blue grass

Wednesday is the day book sales numbers and lists come out, and many of us bite our nails waiting for it. Since today calculated Blood Promise's first week out, I was especially anxious. The results were incredible. BP put Vampire Academy at #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list, outdoing Shadow Kiss's #4 release last year. Over on the USA Today list, Blood Promise clocked in at #5. These are amazing, amazing numbers, and I am so grateful to all of you out there who have been supporting the books--and also to the awesome people "behind the curtain" at my agency and publishing house who make a lot of magic happen.

So, that right there makes for a good day, but guess what else happened? I flew into Kentucky, which I'm really pretty excited about! There's just such a wonderful vibe here, and everyone is so friendly. I'm also rather enchanted by the accents and frequent use of "sugar" and "ma'am." The countryside is gorgeous, and my hotel serves grits. So, yeah, good day.

After I landed, my media escort Barb took me to stock signings and a 3-minute interview over at WKYT, Lexington's CBS station. I got to talk to the anchors and weather guy candidly while on commercial, and let me tell you, they were a delight. They cracked me up and kind of make me want to hang out in a newsroom more often.

Then, of course, there was the evening signing, held over at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Their events venue is amazing. They have this beautiful atrium area around a fountain. My podium was set up over the fountain (which was turned off), like so:

And then the audience sat around it in a semi-circle:

Oh, by the way. Did I mention that the signing had a vampire prom theme?

It was a total fashion show, and I was so jealous because I had no prom-wear. Still, it was pretty awesome to watch all the great clothes come through. Here's a sampling, and note that this first one was homemade in two days a la Project Runway:

In keeping with the festivities, Joseph-Beth had all sorts of activities going on before the signing. There was allegedly karaoke, which I really wish I'd seen. They also had henna tattooing and drawings for fabulous prizes. The Dimitri prize was a set of martial arts lessons. The Blood Promise prize was the big one and has too much for me to list. Erin here won it, along with this ginormous banner:

But of course, you don't need always need prom dresses to have fun, as these girls adamantly argue in their "Dhampir Girls Have More Fun" t-shirts:

Readers came from down the street and from as far away as Tennessee and Ohio. I was gifted with some local jewelry, a mix CD, and even some artwork. Thank you so much!

I was also given the suggestion that Dimitri's middle name be "Valueick," which (I am told) has the optional spelling of "Valuick." The back-story is, and I quote, "I tried to say value-esque. Instead, I said value-ick. It sounded Russian, so we decided this shall be Dimitri's middle name." I'll take it under advisement, guys. :)

And of course, what kind of prom night would be complete without me getting my formal picture taken with bookstore staff in front of the balloons and VA gate?

Whew! Quite a day. Thanks to everyone who made it so amazing. We saw about 200 people, but this is the first night on the tour I've been back in my hotel before 10pm, which is more luxurious than you can imagine. I got to watch TV for the first time in over a week, though there wasn't much on except for Nancy Grace. Still, I appreciated the opportunity.

Tomorrow I fly off to Atlanta, which I'm looking forward to because I'll be staying there for three nights, which means I can really unpack! I'm doing a signing at the Alpharetta Barnes and Noble at 7pm on Thursday (September 3). I hope you guys in the area will stop by! Over the weekend, I'll be doing the madness that is DragonCon and Decatur Book Festival. My schedule is over on my calendar page, as are links to the cons and admission info. I'll be signing at Decatur, not DragonCon. Hope to see some of you down in the southeast!
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