Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Tour Day 3: Sleep vs. Blogging

I think I'm becoming a travel snob. Little airport things are starting to annoy me, like $7 turkey sandwiches and people who don't understand the TSA bin system. Admittedly, I'm usually at airports pretty early, running on little sleep because I was up too late blogging about my adventures to the world. Today was no exception. I was so tired I nearly walked off without my boarding pass after check-in, proving Lili Saintcrow right in thinking I really do need someone to keep me out of trouble.

I was at the airport quite early and thought I'd finally use the Airport Lounge Card mentioned before, particularly since I needed to groom myself before getting to Denver. The schedule was so tight, I'd been told there would be no time for a hotel stop. But of course, the San Jose Airport did not have a qualifying lounge (or any lounge, really, that wasn't military), which meant I had to flat iron my hair in the airport bathroom. Somewhere, someone who witnessed that promptly Twittered it, I'm sure.

Anyway, I landed in Denver and was driven off to Boulder, home of the aptly named Boulder Bookstore. BB is a great, 3-level indie store in this fantastic outdoor mall area. They had a nice set-up and did all sorts of cool things for fans, like raffles and art contests:

Some fans did freelance art of their own and presented it to me, like this awesome one, which expresses a dream shared by many a VA reader:

It also appears my readers are getting younger and younger.

It was an awesome event, one that couldn't have been possible without the great staff, readers, and my media escort Lisa. It was also one of the liveliest Q&A sessions I've had at a signing. When it all wrapped up, lolcatz's sister and her boyfriend came to take me out to dinner.

We wandered around the outdoor mall area, which was pretty cool. It's filled with street performers at night, like jugglers and magicians...and the amazing Zip Code Man who can name anyone's city, no matter how obscure, when he hears their zip codes (hence his name). It was all good fun, and at last, I returned to my hotel.

Tomorrow's going to be one of the roughest days on tour. I get picked up at 6am for the airport, fly to Houston for my 1pm event at the Woodlands Barnes & Noble, and then am driven to Austin for a 7pm event at Book People. (Details on my site, as always). With the schedule, I have to step off the plane looking presentable, and since I can't bring myself to do my hair in an airport bathroom again, it looks like I'll be getting up pretty early. And with that (and another reminder about no spoilers), I'm off to bed. See you all deep in the heart of Texas!
Tags: blood promise tour, book signings
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