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Well, it looks like lolcatz's post went over pretty well! In fact, I secretly think some of you like him better than me. But I'm cool with that because I've pretty negligent with this blog lately--so much so, in fact, that I'm passing my duties yet again.

If you're on Twitter, fellow paranormal author and pal Michelle Rowen will be live-blogging over there as she reads Blood Promise today. She promises no spoilers, so it may be a lot of "OMG! I can't believe Rose just did that in Chapter 3!" But, if you're still waiting patiently for Tuesday, go follow @michellerowen on Twitter for what I'm sure will be an amusing preview. If you don't want to know anything whatsoever, stay away on Twitter. :)

Me? I'm off to University Bookstore to sign all the BP mail orders that are going out next week. Expect pictures.
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