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This is like a Jeopardy Potpourri post

After spending 4.5 hours of brainstorming--and unrelated--web surfing, I cracked the final missing piece of the third Vampire Academy's plotline. No, it doesn't have a title yet, but it does have a fully fleshed-out outline on my white board, waiting to be converted into a synopsis for my editor. Weird thing about how a writer's brain works. I probably only spent, like, 30-45 minutes of that stretch writing up my notes. The rest was spent looking up colors for lolcatz 's living room and noticing how the UK version of Storm Born is up on the European Amazons but not the U.S. one. And yet, I think I needed all that downtime for my brain to stir up the plot.

And hey, speaking of Amazon, I might have to rein in my exaggerated prose style. I worry some people took my guest post over at Bam's a bit too literally. Clearly, they haven't read my enhanced yet "accurate" dialogue posts or freak-outs over Stephenie Meyer mix-ups and shoe repair people. I like to take ordinary things and make them funny and flamboyant--but I guess the Amazon post made me look a little more unhinged than usual. For the record, I'm only unhinged the normal amount. Amazon doesn't vex me that much. But it is still my browser's default page.

In closing off this random post, I wanted to add that I'm watching the first season of The Tudors on DVD. I didn't have Showtime when it aired, so I'm finally catching up. It's good times, particularly if you're a history buff. If you aren't, there's enough sex and violence in it to make you wish you were a history buff. I'm enough of a nerd to think that Sam Neill's portrayal of Cardinal Wolsey is totally metal. I have a little portable dvd player I bring to the gym, so I brought one of the disks with me tonight to watch. I was half-way through my ellipitical workout when characters started getting hot and heavy in that particular episode, and it occurred to me that it might not be appropriate material to bring out in public. Fortunately, when you go to the gym at 1am, there aren't a lot of people around.

Oh, and on the topic of working out, I have one more bit of miscellany. Those who are dissatisfied with normal workouts may need to check out this link, forwarded to me by my friend John. It's hula-tastic.


Jan. 28th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
I finished watching the last episode yesterday. I know how ya feel. It'll be a long wait before season 2 is out on dvd. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that just maybe the episodes will be available on itunes or maybe Amazon unbox.
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