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Midwest Signings

Reminder for Midwesterners! I'm signing tonight (Thursday) at Red Balloon Books in St. Paul, MN at 7pm.

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th!, I'll be in Milwaukee to sign at 6pm at the Oak Creek Public Library.

The week will wrap up in Chicago at BookCon, where I'll be doing panels and signings. See thebookcon.com for schedule and ticket info.

Hope to see you soon!

Your guide to The Glittering Court, my upcoming tour, prizes, and more!

The Glittering Court is almost here, and people are calling it, "Reign meets The Selection." Are YOU up to date on it all? Read below to find out!

Q: How do I get The Glittering Court? What's it about?
A: Here's a great description. TGC comes out April 5 in the US and other English-speaking countries. All you have to do is wait until then and get it from your favorite online or "real" local bookstore. Pre-ordering is even better (see below).

Q: What is this pre-order sweepstakes thing I keep hearing about?
A: If you pre-order The Glittering Court from any retailer, take a pic of your receipt or order confirmation. Upload it to the sweepstakes site, and they’ll send you some swag and enter you for a chance to win $1000 worth of goods. Info here: www.theglitteringcourt.com USA only, I’m afraid.

Q: Can I pre-order a signed copy of The Glittering Court?
A: Yes.  Go to this site (http://richellemead.com/shop) and learn how to order from University Books in Seattle. I’ll autograph your TGC (or any of my other books), and they’ll send it to you when it releases. You can use their pre-order receipt for the sweepstakes.

Q: What if I’m going to one of your tour signings?
A: Then you are awesome! If you want to get in on the free swag and sweepstakes, pre-order from the store I’ll be at, upload your receipt, and pick up the book when you come to see me! Then I’ll sign it for you. If you forget to pre-order, there will be TGC copies on sale at the event. Tour schedule (Washington, DC; New York City; Boston; Denver; Anchorage; Portland, OR; Seattle; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Milwaukee; Chicago: http://theglitteringcourt.tumblr.com/post/138560811948/the-glittering-court-tour

Q: Will you sign non-TGC books? Can I bring them from home?
A: Yes and yes. I sign up to 3 books per person, one personalized and two just signed. They can be any combination of old new, whatever. If you want more signed, bring your Mom or bff and make them carry some books.

Q: Do I have to buy a book to go to your signings?
A: No. Lots of stores have perks (like front of line) if you do, though. And if you do need one of my books, it’s great to buy it at the hosting store. They go to a lot of time and expense to have me, so it helps ensure I get to come back.

Q: Can I take a picture with you at one of your signings?
A: Yes, so long as time permits.

Q: Can I take a picture with one of the VA dolls?
A: Maybe.

Q: What happens at one of your signings?
A: Fun times happen. I usually read for about 10 minutes and then spend 20 answering questions from the audience. Then we sign until whenever.

Q: Do the above signing rules apply to YALLWest and BookCon?
A: No. The above only applies to regular signings at bookstores and libraries. Festivals and cons have their own rules. The only thing I can say for sure about them is if you get in my signing line, you’ll get at least one book signed. Bring three if you want to roll the dice. The RT Convention in Las Vegas should have the standard 3-book, any book, rules going on.

Q: Can we dress up in VA t-shirts or gaudy rhinestone jewelry?
A: Please do.

Q: When is The Glittering Court out in non-English speaking countries?
A: I don’t know. Currently, only some countries have bought rights to it, and they’ll need time to translate. You might find stores that import English copies. University Books (above) will ship to other countries, but shipping can be expensive.

Q: Why should I read The Glittering Court?
A: Because you like strong girls who have adventures, romance with lots of banter, and a cool new fantasy world that kind of looks like the colonial US. Also because you think girls should be able to kick ass in ball gowns, not just in leather pants.

Q: Will there be a cliffhanger that makes me cry?


Fun Glittering Court Stuff

My main job is writing the books, so half the time, I don't know what promo stuff is going on behind the scenes. Today I sat down at my desk to find these two challenges waiting for me:

Which Glittering Court Jewel Are You?
The girls in the Glittering Court have pretty distinct personalities! See who you sync up with.

Which Five Friends are in Your Court?
Who'd have your back in an intense boarding school and subsequent adventures in a strange new land? Friends can be real or fictitious, which makes it extra tricky to think of a good list.
Korean VA


If someone asked, "Hey Richelle, how would you like The Glittering Court paired with your favorite show in a major magazine?" I'd be like "..."

Korean VA

The Glittering Court Sweepstakes

Want to pre-order The Glittering Court? Have you done it already? Follow this link to submit a copy of your receipt to get some sweet swag and be entered into a crazy amazing sweepstakes* for a prize pack of giftcards and jewelry that's worth $1000. If you win and want to share the Sephora card with me, that's cool. Because we're pals.

*US only. It's the law with sweepstakes, and this is a US publisher running it. Sorry!